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Thursday, August 18, 2011

This Week's Ham Operator Highlight: Herman, KN5GRK

This week's Ham Highlight is for KN5GRK, Herman.  He's a ham who does a fine job as net control for the Louisiana Traffic Net and the Gulf Coast Single Sideband net.  I look up to him because of his ability to handle the nets, and he always conducts himself with dignity and respect on the air.  My hat is off to KN5GRK.

Here is his interview:

1. What is your qth & when did you become a ham?My QTH is Lafayette, Louisiana and was first licensed in 1956 as a Novice.
2. What or who inspired you to get involved in the hobby?I became interested in electronics while in junior high school, then when I went to high school, joined their ham radio club which was W5RFS in Little Rock, AR.
3. Did you have an Elmer? If so, who was he and what do you remember most about him?My major Elmer was Weldon Bryant W5FCM who lived down the street from me in Little Rock.  Weldon had his radio shack in his
Ford station wagon.  He did TV work during the day and in the evenings, he would hook up his dipole to his mobile station and work
until the wee hours in the morning.  He played the harmonica and was very, very, good - so good he had auditioned for Jerry Adler.
4. What equipment do you run?Transceiver is a Icom 706 MKIIG, Yaesu FL 2100B Amp,  MFJ 989C Versa Tuner II for HF and a Icom 2100H for 2 meters.  Antennas are 75 meter inverted "V" at 30 feet.  Hi-Gain TH3 tri-bander at 30 feet on Rhon 25 tower with Hazer and Ham IV rotator.  Ringo Ranger for 2 meter.   More information can be found on
5. What part(s) of the hobby gives you the most satisfaction?Just meeting people on the air.  Contacting Special Event stations.  Doing some Public Information via my e-mail reflector.
6. What is your proudest amateur radio related accomplishment, if any?
Being the "LA Section Ham Radio Operator of the Year for 2010" is my greatest accomplishment, working all states on phone and digital are a couple of other feats I am proud of doing.
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